How to downgrade iOS 6 beta to iOS 5.1.1

So, you’d like to downgrade your iOS 6 beta install back to iOS 5.1.1? If you’ve ever dealt with downgrading firmware in the past, then you know how much of a pain it can potentially be. Fortunately when it comes to downgrading beta firmware back to public firmware, it’s extremely easy.

That’s because Apple is still actively signing iOS 5.1.1 due to the fact that it’s the latest public firmware available. Hence, you can easily downgrade without any tricks, host file changes, SHSH blobs, TinyUmbrella, etc. Literally, all you do is hook up your iPhone, go into DFU mode, open iTunes and downgrade. Watch our video inside to see how utterly simple the process is…


Although I have a habit of placing my device into DFU mode whenever I perform any kind of upgrades, downgrades, etc. Our YouTube viewers have been quick to point out that you don’t even need to go into DFU mode to successfully downgrade either, making the process all that easier.

Yep that’s all there is too it, simply hook up your device to iTunes, and click restore to go back to iOS 5.1.1.

Follow the video tutorial above, and you will be back on iOS 5.1.1 in no time. What’s your experience been like when it comes to downgrading?