Sn0wBreeze 2.9.6 released, now supports ATV 5.0.2 firmware

Apple’s little ATV update, which started rolling out yesterday afternoon, is quickly making the rounds in the jailbreak community today. Earlier we saw FireCore’s Seas0nPass tool updated to support the new software. And now it’s Sn0wBreeze‘s turn.

A few moments ago, iH8sn0w announced that he has released a new version of Sn0wBreeze: v2.9.6. The utility now includes support for the 5.0.2 Apple TV software, as well as a new feature that will allow users to resize their ATV’s root partition…

Just like with Seas0nPass, Sn0wBreeze’s 5.0.2 jailbreak is untethered. And if you own a second generation Apple TV, and want to use Sn0wBreeze to jailbreak it, you can find the software on our Downloads page. Keep in mind it’s for Windows users only.

Also, just like Seas0nPass, Sn0wBreeze is still not compatible with the third-generation Apple TV. And until a low level exploit is found in the A5(X) processor, that isn’t likely to change.