Angry Birds Space gets 10 tasty Utopia levels

Rovio today pushed a free content update to its Angry Birds Space game, which launched back in March. A bunch of new levels are available, inviting you to “squawk your way through a cosmos of donuts, cakes and very hungry piggies”.

Get downloading and watch a cutesy trailer right below…

Angry Birds Space brings ten new levels scattered throughout the delicious food planet of Utopia. Expect to bounce birds off jelly trampolines, pop corn to create delicious mayhem, use cookies and candy apples to your advantage and lots more.


Here’s your trailer:


Angry Birds Space is a 99-cent download for your iPhone and iPod touch. A high-definition version for the iPad, which supports Retina graphics, will set you back three bucks.

By the way, why is it called Utopia?

Because that’s the name Rovio picked as a winner of their competition that sought the best name for their next content update. User Hayyie came up with the name of Utopia“for something different and elegant”.

I like it a lot.

Too bad I won’t be able to enjoy the new levels.

Despitre so many new games hitting the iOS platform, I virtually have no down time in between posting here and soaking up sun rays at the beach.

Have you been playing Angry Birds Space lately?