Apple looking to bring WatchESPN app to Apple TV

Bloomberg is out with a new report this afternoon, claiming that Apple is in talks with Disney to bring its WatchESPN app to the Apple TV. The app, which is currently available on the iPhone and iPad, allows existing ESPN subscribers to watch sporting events on the go.

Apple TV already contains apps from the NBA, MLB, and NHL — all of which provide live broadcasts of league games to subscribers. But ESPN’s offering would feature much more rounded coverage, including basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, tennis and more…

“ESPN subscribers with AppleTV would gain access to the network’s Internet service on their sets. The sports network, which today announced programming for the TV season starting in September, said a deal isn’t imminent.”

It’s unclear how users would qualify for an Apple TV-based WatchESPN app. As it sits right now, you have to be a current cable subscriber (with ESPN in your lineup) to access it, which seems like it would kind of defeat the purpose.

What is clear, however, is that Apple is continuing to pursue subscription-based content deals. Meaning there may actually be some truth to the rumors that the company is looking to disrupt the cable industry with an in-house service.


Update: Bloomberg has updated its original article to say that Apple and Disney are not in talks at the moment. So either Apple got mad that ESPN’s Sean Bratches was talking, or nobody can get their Apple TV stories straight.