We’re giving away 10 copies of PhotoAlbums+

We’ve talked about PhotoAlbums+ a couple of times here on iDB over the past two years. The tweak adds a host of features to the stock Photos app like the ability to create password-protected albums on the fly.

Well the developers just released a major update to PhotoAlbums+, adding new PhotoStream controls to the package. And even better, they’ve given us 10 free copies to giveaway to our awesome readers! Read on…

New features include:

  • Added iOS 5.1 support for both iPhone and iPad
  • Added option to add any photos in your library to your PhotoStream (iPhone only for now)
  • Added setting to prevent photos taken in the Camera app from automatically appearing in your PhotoStream
  • Added PhotoStream options for the iPad

Of course, the update also features a number of significant bug fixes. But the real story here is the new PhotoStream features. The ability to block automatic uploads, and manually add photos to the cloud-based service is a pretty big deal.

Now, onto the giveaway! To enter for a chance to win a free copy of PhotoAlbums+ (for the iPhone or iPad), all you have to do is complete these two easy steps.

  • One, make sure you are following us on Twitter.
  • And two, make sure to retweet this post.

We will be notifying the winners on Friday afternoon via Twitter DM, so make sure you hurry up and enter!