Surf the web in total privacy with Onion Browser

If a person wanted to browse the web discreetly on their iOS device, there are a number of ways to do so. For starters, there is the native ‘Private Browsing‘ function in mobile Safari. And there dozens of third-party browsers available with similar features.

But if a person wanted to browse the web in an untraceable, highly-secure, super-stealth manner, they might have to turn to an app like Onion Browser. The software allows you to encrypt, block, and spoof your way to total anonymity on the web…

The Onion Browser’s main selling point is its ability to tunnel web traffic through the Tor network. And what is the Tor network? TechCrunch explains:

“The Tor network, in its most basic form, builds a circuit of encrypted connections between a number of nodes on its network. This – at least in theory – makes it very hard to retrace where the original request came from. When you use this network, your data obviously has to travel a lot further and over potentially slower connections than if you were using the regular Internet. Because of this, an app like Onion Browser is also significantly slower in fetching websites than Safari, for example, would be.”

Don’t expect any other features though. There’s no bookmark or share buttons. This app is obviously geared toward folks that, for whatever reason, want total anonymity while browsing the web. If you fall into this category, you can download Onion Browser from the App Store for $0.99.

Have you tried Onion Browser yet?