Clear to-do app updated with shake to undo, secret themes, UI tweaks

Realmac Software’s nice-looking to-do app dubbed Clear has been updated today with new features. It’s the first update since the software’s debut on the App Store in mid-February.

In addition to the shake-to-undo feature which, in my opinion, makes for a good demo but gets boring fast, Clear 1.1 added additional inspiration quotes while tweaking the interface with new gestures and other nice-to-haves.

The biggest new feature is support for ‘secret’ user interface themes. How secret? Well, you will need to unlock those to find out…

The long-awaited update to the light-weight app – which helps keep track of your life by keeping a simple list of notes – comes with obligatory bug fixes, also bringing with it support for themes (these should appeal to folks who like to skin their software).

You will also like unlimited text fields removing Clear’s annoying one-line limit in the task description field. Another handy tweak: a toggle to display the iOS status bar.

By the way, did you notice that more and more third-party apps tend to hide the iOS status bar by default? Hope it doesn’t become a trend.

Also new: improved tap-to-create-item behavior at the bottom of lists, subtle text emboss that improves readability and new design for alerts.

The team is already at work “on some amazing things for Clear” to come in a future update. Check out release notes right below.

Clear is a 99-cent download for your iPhone or iPod touch right from the App Store.

Clear 1.1 release notes

Shake to Undo: a popular request, and now all yours.
• Character Cap is now voluntary. With great power comes great responsibility…
• Secret Themes! How secret? So tantalizingly secret we can’t say more.
• New option display the iOS status bar.
• Improved the tap-to-create-item behaviour at the bottom of lists.
• 25% added inspiration (more quotes!)
• Shiny new design for alerts
• Fixed legibility in low-contrast situations with subtle text emboss
• Added the Clear tutorial to the Tips and Tricks menu
• Bug fixes

Clear moved an impressive 350,000 downloads in the first nine days on the App Store. I purchased a copy as soon as it came out and have been impressed with how elegant, simple and effective its user interface is.

I’m also giving it a big thumbs-up in the gestures department because Clear sports novel touch-based features that I’d love to see in other apps.

Have you tried out Clear yet? If so, what did you think of it?