My iPhone 4 was finally unlocked by AT&T

So it took a while, but I can confirm that my iPhone 4 has been officially unlocked by the fine folks at AT&T. It looks like my online chat with the AT&T representative paid off after all.

All I had to do was pop in my T-Mobile SIM and load up iTunes. I was then presented with a beautiful message that stated: Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.

Oddly enough, this unlock has nothing to do with the SAM unlock method that was revealed earlier this morning. This is a follow up to AT&T’s promise to unlock out of contract iPhones…


This unlock is more in line with a factory unlock, and it is permanent. No jailbreak is required to accomplish this type of unlock.

To be eligible, you must have an out of contract phone that was used on AT&T.

I think I’ll relegate my iPhone 4 as my go to travel phone going forward, since I’m now able to freely use it with any GSM SIM card.

Has AT&T unlocked your iPhone yet? Let us know what your experience has been thus far with AT&T, and how you plan on using it going forward.