Rumor: next iPhone likely to drop in October with new Qualcomm LTE chip

In a note to investors this morning, Piper Jaffray’s senior Apple analyst Gene Munster said that Qualcomm is facing supply issues with its new 28-nanometer LTE chips. Munster believes that this cements an October launch date for Apple’s next iPhone.

It’s widely believed that the Cupertino company’s next handset will feature the above-mentioned Qualcomm MDM9615 LTE chipset, as it allows for both voice and data connections over LTE networks. It’s also smaller and much more power-efficient…

Yesterday, a report came out of South Korea that Apple would be unveiling its latest smartphone at its WWDC event in June of this year. But both logic and reasoning tell us that the fall is a much more likely candidate for the sixth-generation iPhone launch.

Earlier today we talked about how important Apple’s next smartphone will be for the company, and how it needs to deliver something truly impressive this time around. So at the very least it needs to have LTE technology — meaning the new Qualcomm chips.

And since those won’t be ready in time for a June launch — October it is.