Want to see how an iPad is made? Watch this video

Earlier this month, Marketplace’s Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz found his way into Foxconn‘s Longhua facility, where many of Apple’s iPads are made. He’s only the second reporter ever to be allowed on to the company’s factory floor.

Schmitz uploaded a video of his visit to the plant today, which included a tour of an iPad assembly line and an inside look into the lives of Foxconn’s employees. Want to see how an iPad is made? Make sure to watch the clip after the break…


Aside from the sneak peek at iPad production, the video reveals some other interesting details about Foxconn. For instance, the assembly line workers switch positions every few days to avoid redundancy. And they start out at just $14 a day.

I have to admit, as I sit here and play on my iPad, it’s actually pretty interesting to see how the thing was built.

What about you? What did you think of the video?