FireCore releases iOS 5.1 jailbreak for Apple TV 2

Well that was fast. Not even 10 minutes after we published our post on the state of the iOS 5.1 Apple TV jailbreak, FireCore released a new version of its Seas0nPass utility that is compatible with the new software.

This means that folks with an Apple TV 2 can upgrade (if you haven’t already) to the latest ATV firmware, which features the new user interface, and still keep their ability to jailbreak

Now at the moment, it’s only a tethered jailbreak — meaning that you’ll need to connect the ATV to a Mac or PC anytime you want to restart it. But given the fact that the Apple TV is rarely powered off, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Unlike iOS 5.1 for other devices, the software update actually includes a host of new features for the ATV such as the new icon-based user interface, support for iCloud movie playback, and new screensaver photos.

No, the new version of Seas0nPass isn’t compatible with the third-gen Apple TV. But those with an ATV 2 can head on over to our Downloads page and grab the app. If you need help, stay tuned to iDB for our full step-by-step tutorial.

P.S. It’s worth noting that not all jailbreak apps are compatible with the new software yet. Overflow, Plex, Remote HD, Rowmote, and XBMC are currently listed as not working. We’ll let you know when these are updated.