Tim Cook visited Foxconn in recent trip to China

On Monday, we told you that Tim Cook was taking his first tour of China as Apple’s CEO. Although we’ve heard some gossip about Cook’s intentions for the visit, the nature of the trip is still somewhat of a mystery.

Well Apple helped fill in a couple of blanks for us this morning, as it told Bloomberg that the CEO spent part of his time in China visiting Foxconn’s new Zhengzhou manufacturing plant…

 “Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook visited Foxconn Technology Group’s newly built manufacturing facility for the iPhone in Zhengzhou, China as the U.S. company seeks to improve working conditions.

The iPhone production line is at the new Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park, which employs 120,000 people. Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based Apple spokeswoman, said in an e-mail today.”

Cook’s visit to the factory was likely a PR play. Apple has been under fire for several months now, from both the media and activists, over the poor working conditions inside Foxconn. And a visit from the CEO sends a message that it’s taking the situation seriously.

But regardless of his agenda, it was still pretty cool of Cook to visit the plant. How many production line workers get to meet and talk to the CEO of the company they build products for? I’d be willing to bet that the number is pretty low.