Check out this awesome iPhone concept with a large display

Yesterday afternoon, a report surfaced claiming that Apple was ordering up 4.6-inch displays for its next iPhone. The news caused quite a commotion, considering the iPhone has had a mere 3.5-inch screen for the last 5 years.

Needless to say we’re a bit skeptical on the matter. While we could see Apple moving to a larger 4-inch display, as previous rumors have suggested, we can’t imagine it going with one nearly 5-inches big. Then we saw this concept…

These beautiful renderings come from the folks over at ADR Studio, the same design firm that made the iPhone SJ concept. And we have to agree with 9to5Mac here, these pictures make an iPhone with a 4.6-inch display a lot more feasible.

No, we don’t expect Apple to release a handset this far removed from previous designs. But hey, we can dream can’t we?

The truth is, if Apple does anything with the iPhone’s screen size, it would bump it up to 4-inches. Or just under that. Remember, Apple is all about user experience. And tests have shown that the average person can’t comfortably use a phone with a 4-inch+ screen with one hand.

What do you think of this iPhone concept?