New single-day record for iPad sales and activations for AT&T

Apple CEO Tim Cook said just this morning that the new iPad has broken records during its first weekend on sale, and now AT&T is also touting the tablet’s successes.

AT&T spokesmen Seth Bloom said in a tweet this morning that the carrier has broken its own iPad sales and activation records over release weekend, with Friday seeing the biggest numbers to date.

That’s no mean feat considering AT&T has had the iPad since day one, and that Verizon’s LTE network is arguably stronger in the United States than AT&T’s own. Cue Verizon’s figures showing similar results…

While AT&T has yet to announce actual sales figures, nor Apple for that matter, the fact that both firms seem happy to announce record breaking results shows that the new iPad is selling well, despite it suffering the same fate at the iPhone 4S: people accusing the new tablet of not being “magical and revolutionary enough” to warrant spending $500 on.

Well, it seems plenty disagree.

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