T-Mobile looking to upgrade its network to fully support the iPhone

For the last several months, T-Mobile has been talking about how it wants the iPhone. Now, after watching nearly a million customers jump ship last quarter, it’s looking like T-Mobile needs the iPhone.

During its earnings call, for the holiday quarter, T-Mobile cited ‘not carrying the iPhone’ as a major factor in its recent poor performance. But the carrier is looking to change that as soon as possible…

Electronista reports:

“T-Mobile’s CTO Neville Ray used a call discussing the company’s latest results to single out the iPhone as an objective. At least the switch to 1,900MHz for HSPA+ was highlighted as focusing on Apple. While he wouldn’t say if that involved the LTE network as well, it was apparent the carrier was making changes to potentially court an iPhone launch.”

The report went on to say that T-Mobile mentioned Apple’s handset a full 7 times during its earnings call. The carrier obviously sees the iPhone as something necessary to its survival. Hey, it might’ve saved Sprint.

Even if T-Mobile can’t get Apple on board, making its network fully iPhone compatible would serve it well. The carrier is currently tracking more than one million unlocked iPhone users, and could see many more if features like 3G data and MMS worked properly.