Apple’s attention to detail extends to its product photos

Have you ever looked at the product images of the iPod touch or the iPad on Apple’s website and wondered how the company was able to produce such a perfect photo? It almost looks like it was rendered in a computer program. But it wasn’t.

What you see (most of the time) is actually a real photograph — one that Apple spent more time producing than you could imagine. Yes, the company’s infamous attention to detail extends to its product photos as well…

Dwight Eschliman experienced Apple’s demand for perfection first hand. The photographer shares some interesting tidbits on his personal blog about his visit to Apple’s Photo Studio to take pictures of the iPod touch.

“The most challenging aspect of shooting store panels for Apple is the balance between the size of the file and the depth of field. Often the products small enough that our depth of field is very narrow. In order for the product to appear entirely in focus, we have to shoot a number of focus zones, which are stitched together in post. “

Eschliman goes on to say that a single iPod touch image took 54 frames just to make the device appear completely in focus. That’s crazy considering that most companies just snap single catalog-style photos of their products and call it a day.

But that’s Apple for you. Remember, this is the same company that tests hundreds of boxes and other packaging materials to find the right combination for each of its products. This is just one of the many things that sets Apple apart from its competition.