Jailbreaking is Not a Crime! Don’t Forget to Sign the Petition

A few days ago we told you that the US Copyright Office was due to renew the exemption given to jailbreaking. Should they decide not to renew the exemption, jailbreaking could become this gray legal area again, with no actual text making it legal or illegal.

Although very unlikely, that means jailbreakers could potentially be at risk of being sued by Apple for jailbreaking their device. Again, Apple never sued a jailbreaker and likely never will, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of principle. We want jailbreaking to be officially legal…

There is one quick and easy way you can help make jailbreaking legal. Simply go to this form and include the following information into an attachment to be sent with the form:

  • Which jailbreaking exemption are you supporting—smartphones/tablets, video game consoles, or both?
  • What’s your background (are you a developer, hobbyist, user, independent researcher, etc.)?
  • What device do you want to ensure you have the legal authority to jailbreak?
  • What limitations would you face if you weren’t able to jailbreak?

Don’t need to write an essay. Just a few words will show your dedication and support.

All comments should be marked as ‘class 5’ and are due by 5 PM ET on February 10.

If you want to help the jailbreak community, this is your time to shine!