Add Calling and Messaging Shortcuts to Your Home Screen with QuickContact

The current trend of finding ways to get icons on an iOS device’s Home screen with the intent of creating shortcuts for actions is nothing new. It was originally one of the big jailbreak advantages, and now it’s back. This time, you don’t need to jailbreak anything.

QuickContact is the latest in a long line of apps that offer the user a way to create shortcuts on the Home screen, and now sending SMS messages and making phone calls are the order of the day.

The best part about this is the fact it’s not actually an app at all, but rather a web app.

In order to get the ball rolling, you’ll need to point your iPhone at the QuickContact web site and enter a name and phone number. Here you can tell the web app whether you want to create a shortcut for sending a message or making a call and select a fancy little icon, too.

Once you’re set, you can tell the web app to create your new shortcut which will them prompt you to install a new profile for your device. You’ll need to give this the “OK” or it won’t work, so make sure you are comfortable with that. We see no reason not to trust the author of thi web app, Jeff Broderick, but as always it’s your choice.

Tapping your newly created icon will launch Safari and then your requested function will be activated, whether that be a phone call or a new SMS/iMessage.

All this is free, and if you’re the kind of person that likes things to be at the touch of a button, then QuickContact might well be for you.