GroupShot for iPhone Swaps Out the Ugly Faces in Your Photographs

We’ve all been in this situation: no matter how many photos you take, someone is always blinking or looking the other way. Luckily, a new app called GroupShot can help you fix that.

GroupShot lets you edit your photos to perfection, by swapping out faces in the photos you’ve taken with your iPhone. This is how it works…

GroupShot allows you to choose at least two photos from your camera roll, iCloud PhotoStream, or photos directly taken from your camera to be edited together. You then find the mistake in one of the photos — someone blinking or turning their head — and color over it with your finger. GroupShot will then automatically work to form the best photo, where everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do.

If GroupShot didn’t form the photo you exactly wanted, you can flip through more options to find the best one that worked for you.

So how does this work? The CEO of the parent company Macadamia Apps explained to TechCrunch that a very advanced algorithm is at work. The algorithm accounts for where the person’s face ends, where the background is, where the person’s hair is, how the photo is aligned, and more.

With all of the technology that makes this app work, $.99 is a great deal for this app. GroupShot is now available on the App Store.