iOS Developer Bypasses the App Store and Sells Games on eBay

If there was ever any proof needed that the App Store is not always laced with gold and rainbows, then this is surely it!

Disappointed with the attention that two of its games were receiving, both the paid for and free versions of Cannon Collision, LLLo Inc. has made the source code and all associated graphics available via auction using the ever-popular eBay.

With the paid-for version of Cannon Collision currently retailing for a dollar, and the free version sporting ads, if anyone is looking to get their feet wet in the world of iOS games development, then this might be a place to start.

According to the company’s eBay listing, the auction also includes an hour of a developer’s time in order to help facilitate the transaction. It is worth noting that no Apple iTunes Connect accounts are being offered here, but merely the source code and media that go along with it. Should you win the auction you will also need to have your own developer account, currently costing $99 from Apple.

“You will be given the source code and I will make my developer available for 1 hour to change the admob and greystripe ads on the free version to your account and to add the apps to your own itunes connect account free of charge.”

A lack of publicity was the reason for the game’s downfall according to the developer, though we’re not sure the game’s premise of keeping bouncing balls from touching wasn’t partly the reason, too.

We’re fairly sure this is the first time an iOS game has been sold in such a manner, and with the auctions still at its starting price of $99, it might be the last, too.