60beat’s $50 iOS GamePad Controller Brings the Console Experience to Mobile

iOS is growing to be a major player in the gaming space. When you are selling as many iPhones and iPads as Apple is, not to mention iPod touches, then it is almost an inevitability that your own App Store is going to become a mecca for all manner of games.

With its touch-based interface and huge screen, the iPad in particular has become something of a giant in the mobile gaming world, but the same touch screen that is is biggest strength can also be its biggest weakness. That’s why this new accessory really caught our eye.

Coming from accessory company 60beat, this new controller gives gamers a more familiar way of controlling their games. If iOS gaming is to truly take over, then there needs to be a natural way to play traditional games, and that natural way involves a couple of thumbsticks and some hardware buttons.

The guys at 60beat seem to understand that fact, and if their product is going to sell, then they will need their customers to agree that while touch-based games are great, but sometimes you just cannot beat a good, old-fashioned controller.

One real downside to 60beat’s GamePad is its price. Coming in at $50, this thing will need to be good if gamers are to spend their cash on it. If the promotional video is anything to go by, then it might just fit the bill.


The first thing that we noticed was the cable, which has a standard headset plug on the end. When attached to the iPad or any other iOS device, that cable acts as the source of power, as well as providing a way for the device and iOS games to talk to each other. It’s a different approach to the Bluetooth one most accessories take, but it does have the added advantage of doing away with the need for batteries, or another charger.

The other downside comes in the form of compatibility – right now there are only two games the support it, though that will no doubt change as the thing grows in popularity.

Would you consider picking one of these up?