SwitcherCleaner Micromanages Your iPhone’s App Switcher

SwitcherCleaner allows for more fine tuned control over the apps in your App Switcher. It works by automatically placing the items found in your App Switcher into “quit” mode, and only displays apps that are actually running.

SwitcherCleaner is an offshoot of a previously released tweak entitled SwitcherMod. In fact, it borrows its only two features directly from SwitcherMod and brings them to iOS 5…


The aforementioned “quit” mode automatically places the red minus sign above your app icons so that you can easily exit them without having to venture into wiggle mode. That’s handy if you primarily use your App Switcher to kill running apps.

It’s a decent tweak; nothing really groundbreaking here, but some may find its properties useful.

If your iDevice is jailbroken, you can head over to Cydia and download it free from the BigBoss repo.

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