New iOS 5.0.1 Release Makes iPhone 4 Siri Port Legally Feasible

You may have noticed that Apple released an updated version of iOS 5.0.1 not too long ago, and with it comes some interesting news regarding security.

It appears that the new iOS 5.0.1r2 features decrypted ramdisks, which means that it now possible to write a script to download the 5.0.1 and extract the necessary files needed for a Siri port.

Since the download is publicly available from Apple’s server, the idea of a Siri port just got a lot more legal…

This is great news for those who want to do things the right way, instead of the questionable and downright illegal ports that have surfaced in the recent weeks for the iPhone 4, and other non-4S devices.

As to why Apple did this is anyone’s guess. It’s odd in itself that Apple would release an update to an already existing firmware — we don’t ever remembering that happening — and it’s even odder than they’d leave the new firmware susceptible when they know everyone and their mother wants a legally obtainable Siri port.

We’ll have more details as it breaks. Thanks to qwertyoruiop for the explanation.