Siri, the Disappointment

Gizmodo’s Mat Honan writes about Siri, which he calls Apple’s broken promise. The whole article is worth a read, but here is the conclusion:

And for me, once the novelty wore off, what I found was that Siri is not so intelligent after all—it’s simply another voice program that will obey very specific commands. If it knows those commands. If it can understand you. And if it has a network connection. Were this Google, or Microsoft, I’d shrug. But it’s not, it’s Apple. And Apple is the company that sells perfection. It’s a company that usually keeps its promises, and in its Siri ads, it promises far more than what it actually delivers. That’s not what any of us signed up for.

No, Siri is not perfect. Yes, it’s unusual for Apple to release a public beta of a product. But at the end of the day, it’s still pretty darn good, and we know it’s only going to get better.