Rumor: Apple Television Set for Next Year, Ranging in Sizes From 32″ to 55″

Analysts, investors, and tech pundits have been predicting an Apple-flavored TV set for quite some time now. It seems like everyone wants to see the company do for televisions, what it has for smartphones and tablets.

We’ve heard all kinds of gossip regarding the rumored television set — everything from integrated Siri voice control to built-in iCloud and App Store support. But this is the first time we’ve heard specific details on the hardware…

Smarthouse, an Australian-based tech site, is reporting that it has heard some interesting information on the Apple TV set. It will come in three sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches, and is expected to be available in time for the holidays next year.

“The Apple TVs will incorporate a new processor that is set to appear in the iPad 3, which is due midway through 2012. A totally new software interface has been written that allows users to call up programs using voice commands via the new Siri personal assistant app built in the ipad, iPhone and directly into the TV.

Sources at a major Japanese company who are involved in manufacturing the TV believe that the 55″ model will compete with new Smart TVs from Samsung and LG that will have new processor built in while offering a combination of OLED display, as well as new Super HD TV technology from LG.”

We’re not familiar with Smarthouse’s track record, but the folks over at MacRumors believe it to be fairly unreliable. However, the ‘three sizes’ rumor has been echoed a few times over the last few months, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Apple to produce a 55″ model.

The interesting thing here is the mention of a new processor. If it’s the quad core A6 chip that is rumored to appear in the iPad 3 next year, Apple’s TV set would have enough power to do some pretty cool stuff, including improve the picture quality of your HD content.

Of course, all of this is still speculation at this point. Apple hasn’t made any type of announcement regarding a TV set, and likely wouldn’t before it was ready to present one to the world. But if you’re looking for reasons to believe the above rumor, Apple did just invest heavily in a “major Japanese company” that happens to make TVs.