Apple Was Fifth Most-Visited Store on Black Friday

Apple has found itself in the top 5 most-visited online stores in the United States for the first time, according to data compiled by comScore for Black Friday. Sitting pretty in fifth place, Apple is the highest ranking product brand in the list, almost overtaking Target in the fourth spot.

The impressive results come as Apple is also experiencing fantastic sales in its brick and mortar stores, with the Black Friday sales apparently breaking forecasts left and right

The top five online and physical stores for Black Friday:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Best Buy
  4. Target
  5. Apple

Online shopping as a whole saw huge sales, with $816 million in products being bought, up 26% from the previous year. Not bad results at all, considering nobody seems to have any money these days.

“Fifty million Americans visited online retail sites on Black Friday, representing an increase of 35 percent versus year ago. Each of the top five retail sites achieved double-digit gains in visitors vs. last year, led by Amazon. Walmart ranked second, followed by Best Buy, Target and Apple.”

It may be worth noting that comScore’s figures also take into account Apple’s digital store, meaning apps, music, and video bought through iTunes.

The news comes as Apple is expected to have a record quarter, with strong sales throughout its range of products seeing customers easily parting with their hard earned cash.

Apple is clearly in a win-win situation here, with its products being sold in all of the four stores ranked above it.