Best Buy Completely Sells Out of iPad 2 Stock, Still Plenty of Android Tablets Left

With Black Friday finally over and the madness it creates beginning to dissipate, stores and online retailers are now taking stock and more importantly, counting the cash.

If Best Buy’s online store is anything to go by, Apple’s iPad has been the big seller this year, with all of the iPad 2 stock now unavailable to order due to high demand. Best Buy did offer a near $50 off discount on the iPad 2 yesterday.

But it’s OK, Best Buy still has plenty of of Galaxy Tabs available for purchase…

The news comes the day after Best Buy reduced all iPad 2 stock by $45 for the Thanksgiving sales, with plenty of buyers eager to pick up a perceived bargain from the retailer’s online portal.

It’s a similar story in the company’s physical retail stores, too. Electronista got on the phone to a handful of local Best Buy stores and were told that they too are out of iPad 2 stock. We’d call that a pretty successful promotion, to be honest.

News of stock shortages suggests that demand for the iPad 2 is still at a high level, despite reports that it may be on the wane. Analysts getting something wrong, you say? Surely not!

Now, how long before this stock shortage is taken as a sign that Apple is running inventory down before releasing an iPad 3 in early-January?

Headlines appearing in 3, 2, 1…