iPhone Sees Near 50% Jump in Enterprise During 2011

While Apple is undoubtedly the darling of the consumer market, the enterprise has traditionally been one area that Apple has struggled to make a real impact.

It looks like Apple is going to succeed in the enterprise market, with the iPhone becoming more of a business tool than has been the case thus far. Improved Exchange support, strong security, and that all important ‘cool factor’ has led to more IT departments being happy to add iOS devices to their systems, and Apple is reaping the benefits…

This year alone, Apple’s iPhone has jumped from a 31% share of the enterprise market to 45%. Android also saw a jump in its share, reaching 20% from a starting point of just 11%.

Apple has taken great pains to make iOS more enterprise-friendly. The ability to remotely lock and then wipe iOS devices was a feature that business IT professionals applauded, and with increased Exchange support also being added with each major iOS revision, Apple is clearly determined to help dig the BlackBerry’s grave.

The use of tablets in business is also on the up, with iPass suggesting that more and more people are making use of a selection of hardware devices to get their work done.