12-Year-Old Talks App Creation and More in This Video

What were you doing in your spare time at age 12? Playing little league baseball, or video games? That might seem like the norm now, but times are definitely changing. Just ask 6th grader Thomas Suarez what he does in his free time.

On top of developing his own applications, and running his own software company, Suarez has organized a club at his middle school to help other kids learn to program. He talks about this and more at this year’s TEDxManhattanBeach conference…


Suarez’s after-school app club allows kids his age to both learn from his experiences, and learn how to program. It’s a great idea, considering how limited resources like this are for younger kids.

As he mentions in his presentation, “If kids want to learn how to play the violin, they can take violin lessons.” But what do kids do if they want to learn how to develop apps? Well, thanks to kids like Suarez, their options are certainly growing. Not bad for being 12 years old.

[Cult of Mac]