How to Download Deb Files From Cydia

It’s easy to venture into Cydia and download your favorite apps and tweaks, but what if you want to save the files that you download for backup or later use?

There are tools like PKGBackup that save the links to the apps and tweaks that you have on your device, but it’s not as straightforward to backup and save the actual .deb files responsible for installing the packages that we use.

What to do? In the following video tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily download deb files using OpenSSH and a handy FTP client…


How to Download Deb Files From Cydia

Note: You must have a jailbroken device to use this tutorial.

Step 1: Connect to iPhone via FTP or another iPhone file utility

Step 2: Navigate to /private/var/cache/apt/archives

Step 3: Download an app or tweak from Cydia, but don’t reboot or restart springboard

Step 4: Refresh the /private/var/cache/apt/archives directory, and you should see your .deb file ready for download

This only take a few seconds to do, and is a great way to backup your Cydia apps and tweaks to your computer.

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