The Breakup: How Apple Could Use Siri, Maps, and Bing Against Google

The Next Web’s Matthew Panzarino wrote a great article this morning, titled “How Apple will use Siri, Maps and Microsoft to divorce itself from Google,” where he explains how Apple could dump its partnership with Google in favor of its own products, but also by partnering with Microsoft.

Apple and Google have had a tumultuous relationship in the mobile landscape. When the iPhone was launched, Google was a partner from day one. Their map data, YouTube archive and default search option were integral parts of the iPhone experience. […] By using Google’s services, Apple is effectively supporting their competitor’s products to the tune of 250M installed devices. This is something that has to change and Apple knows it. This is why it is currently working, as it has been doing since 2009, to divest itself of as much of Google’s products as it can.

I invite you to read Panzarino’s article as it is full of insights that paint an interesting picture of how Apple might breakup with Google in the near future.