Sprint: We’re Taking the iPhone Data Speed Issue Seriously

When the iPhone 4S released a couple of weeks ago, many Sprint users reported very slow 3G data speeds. In a a recent interview with Sprint’s Fared Adib some light was shed on the data speed issue that seems to be plaguing so many iPhone 4S owners.

Apple itself acknowledged the problem and has reportedly been working closely with Sprint to fix the issue. We at iDB conducted our own speed test between the three main iPhone 4S US carriers and found that Sprint was the slowest…


Sprint went into detail about all the different problems its came across while trying to fix this issue. One of the biggest problems is that these drops in 3G connectivity are apparently hard to replicate on Sprint’s end.

Sprint knows that this slow data problem isn’t a good thing for its reputation and is working desperately on a fix.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Fared Adib:

“People that want an iPhone and an unlimited plan will still consider Sprint.”

This is a big issue for Sprint users. Sprint knows that problems like this can make or break its brand, so hopefully it will get on the ball and resolve the issue.

Does your iPhone experience slow 3G data connectivity on Sprint?