iPhone 4S Users Reporting Nationwide Siri Outage

Apple has been struggling over the past few weeks with software issues. The recent iOS 5 update was found to be littered with problems, including the now infamous battery bug. And then there is the delayed iTunes Match launch.

But none of that compares to the latest fiasco. VentureBeat is reporting that Siri has gone down across the US for a number of iPhone 4S customers. Not only does that mean that Siri is inaccessible, but Dictation isn’t working either…

Unfortunately, we can confirm the outage. Siri isn’t currently working on our handsets. Although it is still marked as Beta, you have to wonder how Apple could let something of this magnitude happen to the hit feature of its latest handset.

Its recent line of commercials has starred the edgy personal assistant, meaning it could be the sole reason that new customers pick up Apple’s smartphone. Imagine how upset they’re going to be when they ask Siri a question and she doesn’t respond.

Is Siri working for you?

Update: Siri seems to be working for some of us again, but many are still reporting no connectivity.