Verizon Announces Over 2 Million iPhones Sold Last Quarter

Over the past few days, companies have been announcing their earnings for the previous quarter. As usual, this means that we get to hear iPhone sales numbers. Yesterday, AT&T announced that it sent 2.7 million iPhones out in Q3. So, how’d Verizon do?

Since its arrival back in Februrary, the iPhone has been Verizon’s top-selling smartphone. Customers continue to pass up the carrier’s all-star lineup of Droid devices for Apple’s handset. Today, Verizon announced that it sold over 2 million iPhones last quarter…

As TUAW points out, that number is down from the previous quarter of 2.3 million iPhones sold. But a lot of folks were expecting Apple to announce a new smartphone over the last few months, so the drop in sales isn’t that surprising.

It’s interesting that the carrier is still selling less iPhones than AT&T. Complaints with AT&T’s cell service was so bad at one point that critics nearly wrote the company off when Verizon picked up the handset. But so far, it has yet to make much of a difference.