iFixit Dissects the iPhone 4S

Although the iPhone 4S has not even been officially released yet, the folks over at iFixit have managed to get their hands on Apple’s latest magical handset to begin their usual teardown.

While we already know most of what has changed inside the new iPhone 4S, iFixit provides additional details and a more thorough look at the device’s insides…

So far, iFixit has examined the battery and removed the logic board, revealing the new iPhone 4S to have a slightly larger battery.

The processor is 1GHz, like the iPad 2, but Apple has underclocked the processor to improve battery performance. A hack will likely be created via the jailbreak community for clocking the iPhone 4S back up to its full potential.

There is only 512MB of RAM in the device, not 1GB (as was rumored). The iPhone 4S also features a new 3G chipset, the¬†Qualcomm MDM6610. The device’s display assembly is nearly identical to the GSM iPhone 4, while the logic board looks just like the CDMA iPhone 4. Apple seems to have blended the best from both designs.