T-Mobile Joins Verizon to Support Samsung Against Apple Litigation

Just like Verizon did last week, T-Mobile has submitted an amicus curiae to the court, officially siding with Samsung in its ongoing litigation against Apple. For the non-lawyers, an amicus curiae is when someone volunteers to offer information to assist a court in deciding on an issue.

T-Mobile’s argument is similar to Verizon’s. Both company don’t want to see any of their best-selling 4G devices banned during the holiday season. Obviously, it would be a huge loss for the carriers, who generate a big chunk of revenue from this time of the year…

FOSS Patents sheds more light on the matter:

“In my report on Verizon’s letter I already said that Verizon’s formal limitation of its argument to the one software patent asserted by Apple wasn’t credible. T-Mobile is forthright about its opposition to an injunction on any ground, whether based on the software patent or any or all of the three asserted design patents.

T-Mobile’s motion to shorten time (for the exchange of pleadings with respect to its proposal to appear as a “friend of the court”) refers to Apple’s objections against the timing of Verizon’s submission, and argues that an accelerated process is needed to ensure that T-Mobile can participate in the October 13 hearing. However, T-Mobile doesn’t really explain why it files its submission now and didn’t do so a while ago. After all, Apple’s motion for a preliminary injunction was filed on July 1.”

Could this have anything to do with T-Mobile not having the iPhone? Probably not, but the timing sure is coincidental.

It’s all about money. It doesn’t take a finance genius to figure out that large amounts of money are at stake, and this is the only motivation for Verizon and T-Mobile’s move. You can’t blame them for taking sides with Samsung.