Just Mobile Gum Plus: A MacBook Pro Inspired External Battery Solution for Your iDevice

What looks like a MacBook Pro, charges your iPhone to 90% in about an hour, and is super portable? That’s right, it’s Just Mobile’s external iPhone battery, the Gum Plus.

Despite its somewhat bizarre name and small stature, this is a beautiful product that can charge your iPhone over three times on a single refuel. Check out our in-depth video walkthrough of this striking product inside…


As you might have noticed, I really dig the look of Just Mobile’s follow up to the original Gum. It’s obvious that they studied the MacBook Pro hardware when coming up with the design.

There’s even a push button feature that causes 5 LEDs to shine, denoting the amount of battery left; again, just like the MacBook Pro.

But when it comes to external battery solutions, looks certainly play second fiddle. I’ve owned external batteries with looks that only a mother could love; but I happily used them, because they excelled in function.

Fortunately, the Gum Plus doesn’t sacrifice function for form. It performs just as advertised, charging the iPhone 4 to nearly full in under an hour, and containing enough juice to recharge multiple times over.

The little device is also able to charge the iPad, albeit quite a bit slower, and not nearly as many recharges.

Presentation wise, the product comes wrapped in definite Apple inspired packaging. Inside, you’ll find two USB cables for charging the batteries, along with a soft-pouch carrying case for portability.

If there’s one complaint that I could make about the Gum Plus, it’s the fact that the bottom of the device lacks rubber feat to keep it from sliding across your desk. That, and the fact that I can picture it getting marred with scratches on its solid aluminum body after prolonged usage.

Other than that, it’s going to be hard for you to find a flaw with Just Mobile’s gorgeous external battery. You can pick one up yourself for $69.95 USD. Check out Just Mobile’s website for more pricing details.

Are you a big proponent of external batteries? How do you think Just Mobile’s Gum Plus stacks up?