Fortune’s New “All About Steve” eBook Covers 28 Years of Jobs

With the official Steve Jobs biography just a couple of short months away, Fortune has sought to get in on the act by releasing its very own eBook.

Available via Amazon’s Kindle store – though not internationally as of yet – the book carries the lofty title of “All About Steve: The Story of Steve Jobs and Apple from the Pages of Fortune” and covers 28 years of stories, including some interviews with the former Apple CEO…

“Steve Jobs’ legacy is clear: The most innovative business leader of our time, the man FORTUNE named CEO of the Decade in 2009. Now from the pages of FORTUNE comes an anthology of 17 classic stories spanning the years 1983 to 2011 about the cultural icon who revolutionized computing, telephones, movies, music, retailing, and product design.”

Priced under $10, this eBook sounds like it could almost be required reading for any self respecting Apple fan, though we doubt there will be any huge revelations hidden inside its digital pages. Interestingly, the eBook has so far received two reviews, one giving 1 star, and the other offering 5. Steve Jobs: polarising even in eBook form!

If you really can’t wait for the official bio, which comes courtesy of Walter Isaacson, then this should hold you over until its November release date.