Back to the Future: Steve Jobs Shares His Vision for iCloud… in 1997

“Let me describe the world I live in.”

This is how Steve Jobs started sharing his vision for what we know today as cloud computing, back in 1997 during a WWDC Q&A session with developers.

It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. From the simple formulation of his vision to the implementation of it, Steve Jobs was right on. See for yourself…


Obviously, he didn’t invent cloud computing but he sure did an amazing job at bringing his vision to life.

His final words:

“I can’t communicate to you how awesome this is unless you use it. And what you would decide within a day or two is that carrying around these non-connected computers or computers with tons of state in them — tons of data and state in them — is Byzantine by comparison.”

Cloud computing is just starting. We haven’t seen anything yet.