Apple Plans to Loan iPads to Retail Employees

According to CNET, Apple is about to launch a pilot program in which they will loan iPads to retail employees. The loan program will initially start in Apple’s San Francisco flagship store, and might extend to other cities.

Employees will be able to check out an iPad for a week, just like they would be able to check out a book from a library. The goal, of course, is to have Apple employees become even more familiar with the device so they can provide an even higher level of customer service…

“The future program, which one source described as a “pilot,” is designed to let employees borrow from a stock of loaner devices. Employees can then use the device freely for one week before having to return it to the store, allowing for others to use it.”

That’s a pretty nice perk. Still, I wouldn’t want to share an iPad with 50 other people.