Use Your iPhone to Control a Tiny Ball with Sphero

Using the iPhone to remotely control cars and other vehicles was once limited to hackers and hobbyist. But ever since Parrot introduced the AR.Drone, we’ve seen several RC accessories hit the iOS scene.

It seems like remote control helicopters are all the rage with accessory-makers this Fall, but Orbotix has something else in mind. They want you to use your iDevice to control a Fushigi-looking robotic sphere…

The baseball-sized sphere, the Sphero, connects to your iDevice via bluetooth. The accessory will come with its own charging stand, which will recharge the Sphero via wireless induction. Users will be able to interact with the Sphero through custom apps.

That’s what sets this remote control accessory apart from the others, the apps. The company has put together some neat games that involve the bluetooth ball, like Sphero Golf. On top of that, the API is available so other developers can join in on the fun.

Here it is in action at this year’s CES:


The Sphero is currently available for pre-order at $129.99, and Orbotix plans to start shipping before the holidays. Although it’s a bit high-priced, they might really be on to something. This is definitely one of the coolest accessories we’ve seen.