Epson Unveils All-in-One Projectors for iDevices

Good news for the folks that just can’t wait for Apple to embed projectors into their iDevices. Epson, the well known printer-making company, just entered the iOS accessory space with a new line of portable projectors.

As reported by Macworld, the new video projectors resemble home theatre-style projectors, with one notable difference — an iDevice dock. That means that you can watch movies stored on your iPad or iPhone on a 100+ inch display…

Epson’s new Megaplex line will initially offer two models. And although other gadgets can be hooked up via the included HDMI, VGA and USB ports, the products are obviously geared at the iOS-flavored crowd.

9to5Mac shares the details:

“The Megaplex MG-850HD ($800) is the more expensive of the two models on offer and sports HD 720p resolution and 2800 lumens color, and a built-in mic. The MG-50 model is pretty much the same only without the 720p resolution and costing a hundred less at $700.”

You don’t have to browse the internet very long to find out that there’s several other iDevice-compatible projectors out there. But models like the Epson that include stereo speakers and the ability to charge your gadget are still fairly scarce.

At nearly $1000 bucks though, I don’t see this being a hot item. And the word portable goes right out the window when you consider you either need a projection screen, or a flat surface, and dim lights to make it work. But hey, the idea is pretty cool.

What do you think? Would you buy one?