iOS 5 Beta 8 Drops This Friday, Final Gold Master Version Next Week

BGR has dropped the news that Apple is releasing iOS 5 beta 8 this Friday, with the final Gold Master build of iOS 5 set to drop on September 23.

Apple released iOS 5 beta 7 on August 31, and a previous report already pegged beta 8 to drop on September 23. Apple has been releasing its beta software on Fridays. When the GM build hits, that means that Apple has put the finishing touches on iOS 5 for its public release.

We’re getting close, folks!

“We have received some information from a trusted source surrounding upcoming release of iOS 5 that could help pinpoint a more specific launch time frame for the iPhone 5. Starting off, we have been told that even though Apple seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 8 last week, iOS 5 beta 8 won’t be released until this Friday. After beta 8, Apple will introduce a Gold Master build on or around September 23rd as has been rumored.”

BGR believes that this GM build will then be loaded on the already-assembled iPhone 5 hardware and packaged for the device’s release. A report from overseas has said that Apple is making an upwards of 150,000 iPhone 5 units per day already.

Apple has already seeded a beta version of iOS 5 to carriers with new features, like Nuance text-to-speech and FaceTime over 3G, for testing. Once the GM is out, Apple will then request that carriers approve the Gold Master by October 5. This date is most likely in place to match up with the iPhone 5’s estimated ship date, which is expected to be in the first two weeks of October. Apple should announce its next media event by sending invites out during this week at the earliest.

Who’s getting excited? We at iDB sure are!