‘Another World’ to Land in the App Store September 22nd

Another World, a remake of the hugely popular title of the same name (also known as ‘Out of this World’) is due to be released in the App Store on September 22nd, according to the title’s publisher, BulkyPix.

Set to cost $4.99, Another World will feature ‘HD graphics’ as well as an option to play the game with the original art, should you be one of those purists who has to play games as they were originally presented…

Another addition to the title is the choice of difficulties. Alongside the same settings as the original, gamers will now have the choice of choosing a difficulty level. Perfect if you’re the kind of person that gets easily frustrated. Like me!

Another World was originally released way back in 1991 and has since seen versions released on just about every piece of hardware known to man, so it’s no great surprise that this particular cash cow has found its way to the industry’s fastest growing mobile platform.

Who can argue that this isn’t a great premise for a story?

“The protagonist of the game is Lester Knight Chaykin, a young, athletic physicist. Lester arrives at his high-tech underground laboratory in his Ferrari during a thunderstorm, and continues to work on his experiment using a particle accelerator. Right before the particles reach their intended destination, lightning strikes the laboratory and interferes with the accelerator, causing the unforeseen teleportation of Lester to a barren, alien planet.”

Who’s eagerly awaiting September 22nd, other than all of us at iDB, of course?