Apple Bullies “iCloud Communications” Out of Its Name and Web Site

It seems that Apple’s iCloud has won another battle – a battle over its own name. Ars Technica reports that iCloud Communications has dropped its legal battle over trademark infringement, with the company changing its name to PhoenixSoft/Clear Digital Communications.

The move comes after Apple’s crack team of rabid lawyers flexed their collective muscles, leaving the Phoenix-based company no option but to change its trading name. The company’s website,, also appears to have disappeared as part of the deal…

This isn’t the first time Apple has released something with little-to-no regard for the rights to a name. The iPad, so the story goes, was another product to see a battle over its name, with Fujitsu already having a device bearing the same moniker. That little spat went by the wayside after money changed hands. Presumably, a similar deal has been brokered here.

It seems that not everyone at PhoenixSoft is comfortable with the name change just yet.

“A phone call to PhoenixSoft by the Phoenix NewTimes was answered with “iCloud Communications”—a “bad habit,” said the person who answered the phone when questioned about the name”

Yup, that’ll probably take some getting used to.

Apple announced iCloud at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, and promises it will revolutionise both our mobile devices, and using the power of sync, the way we manage documents, too. Many question whether the company which brought us MobileMe really has the chops to pull it off, but if the betas are anything to go by, iCloud may just be the real deal after all.