Trover Photo Discovery App Lets You See and Share Photos With People Around You

With the App Store flourishing with hundreds of thousands of apps, it sure is getting hard for developers to make their apps stand out. An app either has to receive a large amount of funding, or have plenty of style and just work well. Trover is the latter.

Trover is like a micro social network that allows you to take geotagged photos and share them with your friends/followers and the surrounding community. When you open the app you will see its great UI thrown together on the main screen. It uses your location and finds all the photos that were taken in your close proximity…

Scrolling down reveals more Trover discoveries with a distance calculator growing with each scroll down from your location. From here you can tap on a photo to see it larger, thank it, leave a comment, or just see on a map where it was taken.


The second tab is the Trover Community feed. Each photo that is uploaded will be featured in the feed and slowly bumped down as more are uploaded. This gives people a chance to check out photos that are being uploaded in random locations throughout the world.

The middle Plus marked tab is going to be your main hub for uploading photos. Tap the plus sign and the app will ask if you would like to upload from library or take a picture now.

After either uploading or taking a photo, you will be taken to a map where you can choose the location of where the photo was taken. (If Location Services are turned on then it will automatically geotag the photo or use a geotag from your library.)

Once your location is selected, the app will display a list of nearby town locations like Northpoint, Downtown, etc. for you to select or add your own. All thats left after that is to choose if you would like to share with Facebook, Twitter, or just post to Trover only.


The fourth tab is Featured photos. These are photos that recieved the most likes thanks and comments all over the world.

The final tab is the Me tab. In this tab you can:

  • See your profile
  • See notifications and comments from other users
  • Invite or Search your friends to join Trover via Email, Facebook or Twitter
  • See followers and those you are following

Overall Trover is a what a photo sharing app should be. It has a simple/beautiful UI with the perfect amount of features. With over 100k active users, discoveries in 170 countries, and expanding to Android next month, this app is definitely worth checking out. Download it now for free in the App Store.

Have you guys tried Trover? Let us know what you think below!