Google Cutting Photovine Team, App to Die Too?

Google is ending Slide, the company behind the new social photography app called Photovine, according to reports.

The search giant intends to pull the rug from under all Slide applications, both Android and iOS, with Photovine being the most prominent on the App Store.

Google picked up Slide just over  a year ago for $200 million, and its leader Max Levchin will leave the company as part of the move…

Photovine only launched in the App Store a couple weeks ago. The app offers an interesting take on the social photograph model, with users being invited to add images to ‘vines’ which are, in effect, groups.

There has been no official word yet as to what will happen once the Slide apps have been removed from the Android and iOS app stores. Will Photovine continue to work, but with new users unable to download the app? Or will the servers be killed, too?

Have you been using Photovine? If so, will you miss it if Google decides to kill it off completely?