Google Opens Up Photovine App to All Users, Takes on Instagram

Google’s getting all ‘social’ these days, what with the search outfit taking on Facebook and co with Google+.

The next social app to come out of Google is Photovine, which is available for iOS devices right now after a previous beta-only period, and the photography app promises¬†to give Instagram a run for its money…

So, what exactly is Photovine?

Well, even though I insist on comparing it with Instagram, it’s really kind of different. Yes you still take photos and share them to all your friends, but it’s something more than that.

Google’s thinking is that people will take photographs based on a recurring theme. Let’s say I take a photo of my car, and call it “My pride and joy,”¬†for example. This might lead you to take a photo of your bike, with the same heading. One of your friends might pick up on that title, and choose to take a photo of their child. The title still works, and we have a ‘vine’ of sorts.

If my description doesn’t help you, then check out Google’s video for an insight into what they appear to be aiming for with Photovine.


It’s an interesting take on the old idea of taking and sharing photographs on the iPhone, and its success very much depends on how much Google promotes it.

Will Photovine prove to be a worthy competitor to Instagram, or is it more likely to compliment other social photograph apps in the long run?