Facebook Messenger Receives an Update, Still Not Available Internationally

Facebook Messenger has received an update in the App Store, bringing the version number up to 1.0.2.

The update offers minor changes, according to the release notes, but it is recommended that all users download the update as soon as possible due to some bug fixes. No major new features have been added to the app.

International Facebook users are still out of luck, with the social network once again deciding to keep the app a US-only affair…


  • Improved ability to copy and paste text
  • Added links to phone numbers and addresses
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused the app to crash

Facebook Messenger offers a platform for interacting with Facebook chat and sending messages to friends. This app is a move into a territory that is already packed to the gills with competition. WhatsApp is the current market leader, but iOS 5’s iMessage is on the horizon, too.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger do offer one thing that iMessage will not: cross-platform messaging.

With Apple selling more iDevices than we care to count, cross-platform support might not actually matter!

Facebook Messenger is available to download from the App Store for the princely sum of free.