iPhone Design Flaw Uncovered

You don’t have to spend a lot of time with an iOS device to figure out that Apple pays serious attention to detail. This is true not only for its hardware, but software as well.

It seems like every nook and cranny of the mobile platform has been checked for bugs and inconsistencies, and it seems to be paying off. But even with bright minds like Scott Forstall and Jony Ives, Apple was bound to slip up…

BusinessInsider points to an interesting find by Matt Binkowski, a graphics designer out of California. Binkowski discovered a rare flaw in iOS, and posted the following image to his blog.

The caption from the original post reads “I KNEW that stupid triangle underneath the iPhone’s “folder” icon wasn’t centered!” Obviously, Binkowski is referring to the triangle that appears when you open a folder.

Although the off-center triangle is so minute that most of us won’t give it a second thought, it’s still intriguing. For a company that thrives on perfection of design, someone really dropped the ball on folder-shape alignment.

You know what would be even more ridiculous than tracking down a triangle that’s off by 2 pixels? If Apple released a software update to fix it.